We can fly to the moon and unravel relativity theories and DNA codes, but the things we need to do now are a lot simpler than that. There are so many problems throughout the world including those directly in front of us.

THE THIRD WAVE is to encourage and inspire people to give a little back to the world. To volunteer even for just an hour, whether it is helping inner city kids or the elderly lady living next door or even with an environmental issue. As people, we have the power to impact and influence positive change. Learn More...

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We believe in equality for all and in cutting through bureaucracy to get help directly to the people. There's a hero inside all of us.

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From Emily Hime

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"Alison Thompson is an inspiration. Whereas most people check out after a crisis, Thompson remains there on the ground, loving, caring, and communicating the need for awareness and help. Her creativity and healing are incomparable in a crisis and deliver the messages that are needed around the world. Alison is a call to action."
— Designer Donna Karen
"Whatever you do I hope your Third Wave Volunteers don't start a band otherwise I'll be in deep trouble!"
— Bono
"The Third Wave is truly a must see! For ourselves our children and everyone we know. For anyone that has two legs or a dollar in their pocket. It inspires the very best in us, just when we need that most, and comes as close to answering our purpose in life more than any other film in my most recent memory."
— Actor Sean Penn
"In a world of turmoil, The Third Wave is a welcome and inspiring account of what one woman and her friends can accomplish against the greatest odds. Ride this wave and feel better about the generation ready to lead us all ashore."
— Tom Brokaw
"Alison Thompson’s captivating life story and adventures in volunteering make us all want to be better citizens of our planet. We can all contribute, she fearlessly tells us, not just with her soaring words with even more with her inspiring actions."
— Edwidge Danticat, author of Brother, I’m Dying
"Alison Thompson’s The Third Wave teaches and emphasizes the value of effective, appropriate volunteerism, even when severe negative circumstances limit the number of fellow human beings who can be helped."
— Tony Duke, founder of Boys & Girls Harbor
"Readers will marvel at Thompson’s ability to leave her life midstream to help others, clearly relishing the adventure as much as the opportunity to serve. She urges volunteers to redefine heroism by doing whatever they can with examples of small efforts with great impact."
— Publishers Weekly
"The powerful takeaway of this distinct and heartfelt memoir is that saving and rebuilding lives is not the work of superheroes. ‘Volunteering can happen anywhere at any time and can last for just an hour,’ Thompson writes, later imploring readers to ‘[b]e the brightest light you can be and lead the way in the dark.’ The book vividly epitomizes the Talmudic saying that while one may not be able to finish a huge and ambitious task, it does not mean one should not try."
— The Boston Globe