Here are some of the most beautiful things volunteers have mentioned.

"I first met Alison when volunteering my first time in Haiti, I was nervous- I think scared is a better word. I wasn't concerned for my safety but more concerned that my skills would not measure up, or be enough. When I met Alison with her Medic hat, I felt her energy and her compassion. We worked closely with third wave volunteers and JP HRO. There was a little girl who had been raped, and the young guy with the horrible abscess. Alison and I did surgery in Cite Solei. I worried about these people but Alison took the time to reassure me. I choose to remember the smiles, not the heartbreak. The new life we helped give. In Nepal -Alison and the Third Wave team arranged my time with Magic Box- a local Nepal NGO. Alongside Archana and Krisisna, we did medical/ health clinics in far off remote villages. These contacts allowed us to help many people.

If your wary about volunteering, Third Wave volunteers are the way to go. Even in the Philippines, third wave contacts helped us find my own clinics. I found these, on days when my original group (a great one) IMAT could not provide due to politics. Those 2 additional days were wonderful and at the hardest hit areas."

- Larry Applebee - P.A.
"Kindness magnified with friendship bound by the light of an authentic humanitarian framework, third wave volunteers work from the heart for the heart- helping each other help others while singing their own songs along the way."

- Laura Scarlet - Philippines
"After 2004 Tsunami, I was burning in need to volunteer to assist the survivors in some way. My efforts in doing so with a well-known large organization were not successful. With the aim of helping, I visited the Peraliya Camp, which was run by a group of independent volunteers. From the moment I entered the damaged school library building, which was now functioning as a medical center, I felt something positive amongst the busy volunteers although there was virtually nothing positive left by the Tsunami in the surroundings. It did not take much time for me to get absorbed into the spirit of this bunch of volunteers. What I liked most was the wonderful group dynamics in this group of volunteers. Only thing that matters was what each one could contribute. There was an opportunity for everybody. Nobody who came asking for help was turned away. Similarly, nobody who came to help too was turned away. I admired the “Tsunami medicine” practiced in this volunteer lead-medical “specialist” medical facility, “love” being the specialty. I can remember how much the kids enjoyed the Tsunami bandages with “smiley faces” drawn with a marker pen on the bandage. I learned the importance of holding a hand of an old woman who had lost her son, in addition to giving her the prescribed medicine. The human connections we made went a long way. The connection I made with the always smiling, ready to help, ‘Nightingale of Peraliya’ called Alison was remarkable. She watched over, and lead this volunteer group as a mother would do. The Community Tsunami Early-warning Center that Alison and I later co-founded was helpful in alleviating Tsunami fears and disseminating tsunami awareness among the tsunami-affected communities. I am forever grateful to the volunteer group lead by Alison for the transformation in me through lighting the ever-burning desire of volunteerism. I invite you to join this Third Wave volunteer group and experience the transformation in you and the people around you."

- Dr. Novil Wijesekara - Sri Lanka
"When Hurricane Sandy devastated much of NY and the surrounding area it affected many of our friends and family. We immediately jumped into 'helper' mode and went to our friends and family's aide, when that was under control, we decided we had more to do and hooked up with The Third Wave Volunteers in the Rockaway’s, NY. We didn't know how we could help, but once we got there, we realized it doesn't take any training to give someone a hug or hand out a bottle of water. We also learned how important volunteering is and how quickly you become the expert volunteer. Day one, hugs and water, day two, coordinating new volunteers to give out hugs and water, then you are running a distribution center and coordinating supplies throughout the peninsula. The Third Wave volunteers truly embody their slogan, "everyone it needed." It was one of the most fulfilling things we have ever done in our lives. People tell me that I am selfless for helping others, but it's really the most selfish thing you can do. You will never feel better about yourself then when you help others in need."

- Mike Taylor and Luanne Corriente - New York City