Alison Thompson

In a world of growing natural and man-made disasters, EVERYONE IS NEEDED.

September 11th 2001, Katrina, 2004 Tsunami, Haiti/Nepal/China/Mexico earthquakes, Sandy Super-storm, Philippines typhoons, Chicago gun violence, Haiti/Texas/Florida/ Puerto Rico/ USVI and Dominica Hurricanes, Guatemala/ Hawaii/ Indonesia/Equador volcano eruptions and the Syrian refugee crisis-  the list goes on. Soon we will have a tragedy for every date in the calendar. And with every new disaster, the old one fades away far before the recovery does.

As political animals, we have the intelligence and power to do so much. We can fly to the moon and unravel relativity theories and DNA codes, but the things we need to do now are a lot simpler than that.

THE THIRD WAVE is a movement of Volunteerism around the world, based on the concept that “EVERYONE IS NEEDED”. From long-term missions in far off countries to volunteering on a computer for a few hours after work.

The process of helping people is often a complicated task but at the same time everyone is needed to help with not many skills required. All small skills add up to make a real difference: from carrying boxes of water to peeling carrots or creating art with newly orphaned children.

THE THIRD WAVE volunteer has a humble but dynamic attitude using common sense, love and a whole lot of guts to get stuff done no matter how hard the obstacle. It’s about cutting through the red tape of bureaucracy to get help to the real people who need it and is about the human touch of giving love and hope to anyone who needs it.

The Third Wave teams works with many other great organizations and believe that we are stronger together than we are alone.

Governments and humanitarian organizations around the globe are experiencing enormous difficulties in providing humanitarian assistance to large affected areas. Too often by the time a recovery plan is in place, a bigger disaster drives the international attention and the media into the next crisis leaving many affected people behind with a cause considered no longer fashionable.

The traditional disaster aid systems do not work and we do not intend to point fingers at anyone, but instead provide solutions for a more SUSTAINABLE future including teaming with local grassroots groups already in place on the ground. It is our hope to inspire and motivate people to reach deep inside themselves to find their own active role as a volunteer.

There is a hero in everyone.

Dr Alison Thompson

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