Oaxaca To Miami

Metamorfosis by Alberto Aragón Reyes. Monumental sculpture The Fishermen and the Witnesses in Miami, 2017

Albert Gomez and Alberto Aragon Reyes have created molds from the original sculptures “The Witness” in Oaxaca and poured them in place at the One Real Estate Investment property directly in front of the Limited Edition Gallery. The sculptures themselves are in Metamorphosis. They will recruit lichens and moss naturally, until they are submerged into the ocean on a future date to help create an ARTificial Reef, witnesses future growth of coral, sponges, sea fans and sea life. For more information about this project click here.

Biscayne Bay Marine Health Coalition
Convert a lot adjacent to the bay in North Coconut Grove into a pilot site for a resilient living shoreline micro smart park.

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