Puerto Rico

1000s of people are still sleeping in the streets and there are many elderly in need of help. The solar lights are the biggest need for camping at night and for areas still without electricity. 

The solar lights are 10$ each and they last 8-12 hours at night and recharge in the free sun.

Third Wave Volunteers stayed one year in Puerto Rico after hurricane Maria -delivering 96 containers of aid door to door to peoples houses and gave out 10,000s of solar lights and water filtration units. 

The electricity was out for 11- 12 months in many areas.


Love Dr. Alison Thompson- Founder- Third Wave Volunteers.

More info:

The swarm of earthquakes that have rocked Puerto Rico recently left marks that are visible from space. About 2,000 quakes have shaken Puerto Rico since late December, with the most powerful a 6.4-magnitude temblor that took place last Tuesday (Jan. 7), centered just off the island’s southwest coast.

That one, the biggest quake to hit Puerto Rico in a century, killed at least one person, damaged nearly 600 buildings and caused at least $110 million in damage.

We have our local Third Wave Volunteers teams on the ground in PR working hard on phase one disaster response. We trained and worked with these teams after Hurricane Maria, preparation is key. Our focus in PR is collaboration moving into resilience mode. This means helping university students and local organizations, giving out much needed solar lights, first aid kits, and general aid, as well as disaster zone assessment project led by our Third Wave Volunteer volunteer Puerto Rico director, Gabriel. 

Please help us help Puerto Rico by donating today, every cent makes a difference.

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