Third Wave Volunteers work with many other good organizations around the world and believe we are stronger together than we are alone.

We fully endorse these organizations and individuals below whom I know personally and either admire their work or have worked alongside them with projects for many years. love Alison


Emily is from Canada and is a wonderful mentor and mum to 20 young children in Haiti- she is in need of money for house rent /food /pay staff etc and accepts donations of clothes/ toys and other things.  She also accepts Volunteers to come and help her. Read her blog- she’s an amazing writer and her life will keep you riveted.

Haiti Communitere- Philippines Communitere- Nepal Communitere- (Syrian and Puerto Rico -new chapters)

This is one of the best models of self sustaining grassroots orgs I have seen out there anywhere. They are currently building a great new resource center in Nepal-

They believe that communities are not passively waiting for outsiders to come and help and believe that communities are actively constructing their own futures. That’s why they do not “intervene” in communities but, instead, provide a space where communities can realize their own plans and choose from a variety of tools and models that help is made available for them. Nothing goes into a community without the community choosing to take it there. They cannot want something more than the community and they cannot impose something on a community.


Resilience Systems Approach – Resilience Systems identify and build upon the inherent resources and adaptive capacities of a community or region – rather than depending upon broad and sweeping, external interventions – to overcome challenges and problems.  The goal is to reduce dependency aid that increases vulnerabilities over time, by enhancing community locus of control, community capacity building, and local/hyper-local value chains that increase agile adaption to change and crisis.


Humanity Rd delivers disaster preparedness and response information to the global mobile public before, during, and after a disaster. Providing aid information helps individuals survive, sustain, and reunite with each other and with their pets. Humanity Road strives to close the disaster communications gap through process improvement, collaboration, partnerships, education and training. We have worked alongside them in many disasters and they get stuff done- we love them.


This is one of the hardest working orgs in Miami. Their mission is to re-create native habitats in the Urban areas of Miami-Dade County, and to promote sustainable models for healthy living that safeguard, enhance and integrate the human and natural worlds for the benefit of both. Urban gardening and fruit trees are examples of the plant habitats that sustain humans. who also partners with the Small Holder Farmer Alliance.  It was founded by the previous Ambassador of Haiti to the United States, Raymond Joseph.  He will be a long term partner with future initiatives in the North of Haiti.

IMAT- ( now called Clarion) Providing medical staff during the first response in disasters. We worked together with IMAT for a long period in Haiti at JPHRO IDP camp- supplying us with wonderful hard working medical staff. Clarion responds to alleviate human suffering and preserve the dignity of effected populations during disasters or humanitarian crisis.

PERSPECTIVES CHARTER SCHOOLS–   Diana Shulla is the creator of these wonderful charter schools and we have worked alongside them for 5 years now. In taking about disasters around the world we then had the students identify their own local disaster which is gun violence. Third Wave is involved in their student led ‘I am Peace’ march held on the last day of school each year. All Perspectives Charter Schools provide students with a rigorous and relevant education, based on the ethical principles of A Disciplined Life®, preparing them for life in a changing world and helping them further become intellectually reflective, caring and ethical people engaged in a meaningful life.

JPHRO-  A great reliable forward thinking org run by actor Sean Penn in Haiti- I’ve worked alongside them in Haiti and continue to support them in words. I am a first hand witness that donated money really gets to the Haitian people and Sean uses his own money as well in so many ongoing projects in Haiti.


Alternative ways of creating clean water. We have worked with them in Haiti and all over and fully endorse their work. Their mission is to get clean water to whomever needs it.

AFYA- We love founder Danielle and Sarah and have worked alongside them for years and they are a good honest hardworking org who do amazing work. – They collect and delivers critically needed surplus medical supplies, hospital equipment, and humanitarian provisions for acute and ongoing health crises worldwide.

SOW A SEED–  Sow a Seed are a wonderful hard working org dedicated to bringing hope and creating sustainable change in the lives of orphans in Haiti. Sow a Seed also provides a strong and independent voice that shines a light on their needs and encourages preventive and lasting investments in the welfare of these underprivileged Haitian children.

EAST END CARES – a great group of volunteers out of the East End of Long Island who get their hands dirty and help people directly.

CITIZENS OF THE WORLD- Great volunteer activities in Florida.


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