OPERATION IDA RELIEF: NGO partner collaboration in Louisiana in assisting with hurricane IDA that wiped out 10,000’s of homes throughout southern Louisiana.

DEC 29th 2021: 

NGO Partners: #thirdwavevolunteers #cajuncommissary #SWUnitedWay #footprintproject #Ferreirafoundation #Internationalmedicalcorps  #Unitedhoumanation #bridgeside #spacex #AmericanLegionpost31 #Tesla, #Smartaid,  #Bridgesidetelehealth #USdisastercoordination #jennysjeepersk9  #verison #Newuseenergy #WUSAH and many more to be added soon in this ongoing missions.  

December 7th 2021: Third Wave Volunteer and Cajun Commissary command camp has moved to Grand Isle at the request of the Mayor of Grand Isle. The mission is focused on food, wifi, solar and tele-health and other volunteer groups are welcome to stay at our camp.

A large Thank you to International Medical Corps who helped provide a large medical and volunteer tent, refrigerators, medical aid, lights and many aid items towards this disaster- We are only stronger if we all work together.

Thank you Tiffany at Cajun Commissary for being our mamma bear host we love you- They ripped her family house camp down yesterday- we are sorry for your loss.

OCT 26th 2021: 

For the past two months Third Wave Volunteers and other partner orgs ( see above or below for orgs) ) have been running a VOLUNTEER command post which gets medical, tele-health, solar, water filtration, wifi, food and general cleaning supply aid into the destroyed communities of Louisiana. We are all stronger together and work alongside our partners: Cajun Commissary, Footprint Project, Tesla, SpaceX, International Medical Corps, Ferreira Foundation, Smartaid, United Way(Southern Louisiana), Bridgeside, American Legion Post 31, New Use Energy, jennysjeepersk9 and The United Houma Nation.

Together we have touched the lives of 10,000’s of people and we wont give up and will stay long after the other help leaves.
This disaster is catastrophic and there are so many areas still without electricity and 10,000’s of homes won’t have electricity until 2022 and winter is moving in. Third Wave are solar lighting up the darkest areas with these long lasting solar lights that last 12 hours straight and recharge in the free sun- each one costs 11$ and we hope to raise enough to donate lights to 16 neighborhoods which is around 20,000 people.
Become a light farmer and bring joy to those without.

September 19, 2021 by Dr. Alison Thompson- Founder- Third Wave Volunteers.

UPDATE: SEPT 19Th 2021

Operation IDA Relief : Third Wave Volunteer sustainable solar command camp ( created for us by The Footprint Project and Tesla) is running smoothly with new additions daily. Our mobile medical Telehealth units are searching remote areas for medical needs and there are many sick people testing positive with the new Delta strain of Covid.

Frail 4 week old baby Emma was just diagnosed with Covid along with her mum and whole family. Many families we spoke to told us they were finally moving away to another state that was safer and drier. The ten kids living in a shed with covid and mold growing on their walls all tested negative last night so we had a little dance party with them.
Monday we start a new tele-health program to remote areas so patients can talk to doctors online via or version router and call in prescriptions etc.
Thank you to all our donors who help us daily to keep helping Louisiana after catastrophic hurricane IDA a few weeks ago.
In the past few days we have had great physical donations of important medicines for our mobile field hospital and aid for the people.

A beautiful family has formed between the volunteers and the locals and on Friday night( for volunteer colonel Marks birthday) a local man slow cooked us a tender alligator in a spicy red creole sauce and it was delicious.

UPDATE: Sept 12th-
Yesterday was Sept 11th 2001 where Third Wave Volunteers started as first responders in the attacks in NYC in 2001. After our work there we started a volunteer movement to focus on love and humanity to help people all over the world based on LOVE IN ACTION.

Volunteers have been very busy on the ground and have created a solar city command camp thanks to the #Footprintproject #Newuseenergy and #Tesla and we have been pushing tonnes off aid and medical help out to the people. Louisiana is in a very bad way with the hurricane and the many tornados that ripped through 1000’s of communities. Covid is also rampart everywhere and our medical staff are very busy.
Your donations really help. We will be working hard in Louisiana for at least the next 3 months. Sign up to volunteer.

September 6, 2021 by Dr. Alison Thompson- Founder- Third Wave Volunteers.

Our Joint NGO command center is ready in Houma, Louisiana – branching out into areas to provide medical, #Bridgsidetelehealth,  health checks, food, cleaning aid, solar lights, water filters, Wifi /solar units, solar trailers and huge LOVE.

Thank you to Tiffany, Mark, Chris, Will, Nate and Ashley and the collaboration with #cajuncommissary #footprintproject #Ferreirafoundation #Internationalmedicalcorps #spacex #verison #Tesla, #Smartaid,  #Bridgesidetelehealth #USdisastercoordination #jennysjeepersk9 #SWUnitedWay   #thirdwavevolunteers  #Unitedhoumanation #AmericanLegionpost31 #Newuseenergy

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