COVID Pandemic Dec 29th 2021: – 820,000 USA Covid deaths- 53.3 million covid cases in USA. 5.4 million deaths worldwide- 240 million cases worldwide.

 The past two years have been brutal with our nurses and medical volunteers battling covid-19 and the Delta variant in hospitals nationwide- a new variant named Omnicron from South Africa is spreading even faster than the Delta variant and is setting records all over the world. Omnicron also made it into my own home with my husband contracting it over Christmas. Demand is high once again for N95 masks and home-covid testing kits and volunteers have recently sent out another 100,000 N95 masks to nursing homes and hospitals in need- bringing the total of N95 masks donated to 1.8 minion masks nationwide. 



USA: 26.7 million Covid cases- 456,000 deaths.
While a billion people around the world await their Covid vaccinations -the need for N95 masks and PPE is still very high. Please continue to donate OR give us input of where to send masks to your community.

Over the past year Third Wave Volunteers have delivered over 1.7 million N95 masks to health providers, hospitals, fire rescue, police, disabled and nursing homes, Navajo and other tribes, prisons and schools to 50 states across the nation via fundraising and mask donors. Each mask zip-code has been GIS mapped. A huge thank you to our donors: The Miami Foundation, Roseanne, Pershing Square Foundation, UPS, JAKAdvisors, G-13, The AFYA Foundation and Webb Banks.

Love Dr. Alison Thompson.

Covid-19 PANDEMIC -November 6th 2020
USA 9.7 million Covid cases -235,000 deaths.
Yesterday there were 121,000 new covid cases in one day setting a new record. Experts, doctors and scientists say we are in for a harsh winter. Our N95 mask project has donated over 800,000 N95 masks and we are still working strong.100% Donations go to buy N95 masks to send nationwide.

Covid-19 PANDEMIC- June 12th UPDATE:
USA: 2 million covid cases- 110,000 deaths.
Covid is rising in 25 states and 1000’s of Americans die daily. Many states re-opened to save their economies but have noticeable spikes in rising Covid-19 numbers.

Florida had 1900 new cases overnight. Arizona and Alabama hospitals are nearly at full capacity. The long lists of needs for N95 masks and PPE reflect this is far from over. All of you have helped donate over 450,000 N95 masks nationwide to first responders in hospitals, fire, police, Riker’s island NY and Homestead Florida prisons, disabled homes, abused women’s homes, LAFD, NYPD, Florida firefighters and the Navajo nations.
We won’t give up but we need your help with more donations to keep the help moving.

Everyone’s Needed!

Love Dr. Alison Thompson-

COVID 19 PANDEMIC – APRIL 5th 2020 Update:

Thanks to your donations Third Wave Volunteers have sent out 260,000 N95 masks to frontline first responders and health providers and we have a million more N95 masks on the way.
Keep donating we are moving fast with our trusted network of 1000’s of health providers. We have volunteers in 50 states working fast with no red tape to get help to the front line.

Covid-19 PANDEMIC- Feb 5th 2020

Third Wave Volunteers are getting important personal protection equipment (PPE) out to first responders and health providers who need N95 masks, face shields and gowns to protect themselves from this invisible Covid virus.
We have donated over 20,000 N95 masks to health providers and essential frontline workers and medical facilities nationwide. ( including Puerto Rico, Haiti and the Bahamas.)

We are here for the long haul- this disease will be with us at least 18 months- Covid-19 feels very different and more dangerous to the previous ones I have worked in around the world.

Everyone will be needed to step up and wear masks.

Love Dr. Alison Thompson

(Our Third Wave Volunteer founder Dr. Alison Thompson is a rescue paramedic and mass-casualty disaster commander with a Doctorate in the Humanities. She was a Sept 11th first responder and has spent the past 22 years running refugee camps, field hospitals and resilience hubs around the world including the Syrian and Venezuela refugee crisis.)

Please donate to help us all achieve this important mission. “Everyone’s needed.”

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