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Hurricane Dorian Bahamas:

 Third Wave Volunteers mission operations have been firing on all cylinders in Grand Bahamas & Grand Abaco for the past year. Our recent mission brought us to Abaco and Sweetings cay where volunteers delivered 100 sets of donated PANDA KITCHEN cabinets for the new homes.

Our new sponsor “Webb Banks” stepped up to provide great contacts on the ground in the Bahamas and kind donations. (Webb banks are a wine and spirits company distributing all over the Caribbean) so it made sense to collaborate with their contacts to get help with aid distribution. 

The NMMA ( National Marine Manufactures Association) also stepped up in a huge way with donations from their hundreds of patrons.  

Within this time we’ve shed blood, sweat, and tears contributing: 2500 local and USA Third Wave Volunteers contributing their time, love & energy on the ground in the Bahamas and in the Miami Warehouse plus 200 plane flights of aid, rescue/ volunteer and evacuee transportation 42 containers of aid shipped from our Miami Warehouse -800,200 lbs total aid shipped to Grand Bahama & Grand Abaco

Donations of 40,000 solar lights, tarps and water filtration straws and bucket units weeks worth of pet food for homeless dogs and cats who survived the hurricane whilst partnering with The Humane Society and Freeport Veterinary Clinic. 

Cut through 50 miles of downed power lines and trees in the east end of Grand Bahama. Thank you True Tree service Ian and Seb. 

Assisted with 15 highly successful Church Fairs reaching over 20,000 attendees. These fairs run on an all welcome basis opening to the general public, not only for church members. TWV donate multiple containers of aid to each church which are then displayed in categories of food, medical supplies, personal hygiene products, cleaning supplies, snacks, clothes, and water, etc. Our crew is feeling so humbled with how fulfilling it’s been to support and work on the fairs together with the church members and locals community.

Thanksgiving dinner for 2500 people. 

One of the most rewarding experiences was hand-delivering over 6,800 presents to the children of Grand Bahama  Abaco and the outer islands on our Bahamas Christmas Drive. We collaborated with Captain Rob, Rob Jr, Miami Beach schools and police and fire stations and raised money to buy a DC3 charter plane to transport the presents. 

Creating the Bahamas Resilience Alliance initiative in Miami with City of Miami District 2 and the local Miami Bahamian churches and working alongside the Bahamian Christian counsel with 100’s of preachers from 52 churches across Freeport has been our most powerful asset in reaching the masses in Grand Bahama and Grand Abaco. Here we were able to do data collection and GIS mapping of the areas in most need.

Hurricane Dorian: Bahamas- 2019.

From the moment we first set foot on Sweetings Cay island in the Bahamas we fell in love with her.  We decided to adopt the island to recover, rebuild and continue our focus as each disaster phase progresses. We have a home base set up with volunteer tents and everyone loves camping out on the Cay with Ruffy the puppy and all the beautiful locals who have become family to us. On Sweetings Cay we have given love, hope, friendship along with generators, aid, water, water filtration units, solar lighting, fixed church roofs, cleaned and mucked out houses, planted food seeds, ocean and shoreline clean up and are working on cleaning up and restoring the turtle park. 

A special shoutout to our amazing Third Wave pilots Rob, Jose, Angel & Edwardo for their continued service to this very important mission. None of this could have happened without the contribution of our wonderful donors, like yourself.

From the bottom of our hearts, each and every one of us at Third Wave Volunteers are eternally grateful for your continued love & support to this important hurricane relief mission in Grand Bahama and Grand Abaco.

Everyone’s needed, thank you for doing your part!

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